Males up for stud

This beautful male was up for sale as a breeder but we cannot part with him. I have had many breeders and new starting breeders want him for there cattery but I have decided to keep him. I have also decided to stud him out when he is old enough to alow his beauty and lines to be spread. He has perfect mittens on all four feet and carries white blaze. His parents are free of HCM and PKD.
Approved females only and they must be registered ragdolls, if you would like to use him as stud I will need a copy of bloodwork done for the following.
FIP titer test
Rinworm free with proof and be flea and parasite free proof from a certified vet.
Must be testing also for Herpe virus and white count to indicate no virus is present.
must have a complest CBC blood work test
The cost for him to be used is 700.00 This includes three matings for three days in my home and one live kitten if the litter dies or mom only has one. If your female does not get pregnant and shows a new next heat cycle in the next 2 + weeks we can try again on that next heat, the cost will not be refunded until a second try. The payment will be refunded if your female does not get pregnant on the second try. I will need proof by a vet that the female is not pregnant. It will take about 3 weeks to show signs of pinking up in the breast, this will be a first sign it can take 14 to 27 days to see this. You must wait at least 27 days to have her tested or to notice pinking up. If she is pinking up by then there will be no need to test her unless you choose to.
If your female gets here and goes out of heat and will not alow a mating we can try again on next heat. I will alow three tries only if this happens and will refund 600.00 keeping 100.00 for the inconvinece if there is a third try and it happens again.
If for any reason I do not think your female is a breeder quailty I will not except her. Here are the following cats I may turn down.
Very underweight females
Sick looking females draining eyes even with a negative white count.
Females that have milk in them.
Female cats that growl at me and or fight either me or the male in more then just the normal lashing out.
paperless females will always be turned down.
If you are not a cattery I will not alow a breeding You must have been at least a breeder for one year.
Females with any bald spots or sever matting.
Declawed females will not be bred.
Females that show wattery diareah will be exculded.
If your female is to be flown in you must pay for the trip. I will keep your female for 7-10 days in the case of flying and breed her for the 3 days. Keeping her for this time is to be sure she is settled in and not stressed when she flys home. If she seems ok and ok in the new enviroment I may return her right after she is bred. 
All females must have front and back claws clipped.
Jinx a seal mink mitted with blue eyes
weight 4 pounds at 10 weeks