Kitten Contract

                      Purchasing Agreement


This will need to be signed by you when you come here for pick up of your kitten. It will be signed by the breeder and you will receive a copy.


This kitten/cat is being sold as:

1) A pet on a spay/neuter agreement:  Registration papers will be released only upon proof of spay/neuter by a licensed veterinarian. Females and males by age 6 months.

2) Breeder cat is being sold with breeding rights.

3) Show Cat. is being sold as show.
4) Show/breeder Cat is sold with all rights of breeding and showing.

the price for this kitten/cat is_______________A three generation

Pedigree of the parents will be provided.

seller guarantees this kitten/cat to be a registered ragdoll: _______________________, born on_______________________ out of

______________________ sire,and_________________________ dam

to be in good health when sold on this day _______________. this kitten/cat has had first shots first and second if being shipped given by the breeder Using the killed form of vaccine by fort dodge on these dates_______________________________ has been wormed on_____________________

This kitten’s/cat’s next Booster is due on ______________________. To the best of this Sellers knowledge, this kitten /cat is

(1) Free of worms, fleas, ear mites and any other internal or external parasites or other communicable diseases.

(2) Guaranteed free of feline leukemia. Aids and infectious peritonitis (FIP)

 (3) To my knowledge Free of Genetic Defects, HCM and PKD

Buyer reserves the right to have this kitten examined by

his/her own veterinarian within _______ days, by _____________,

This kitten must be altered at the age's given above, Proof of altering MUST be sent to us with in 3 weeks. If you do not decide to register your pet I will still need the alter proof for my records.

To verify the kitten’s/cat’s health. If this animal is not found to be in good health, the Buyer will notify the Seller within 3 days of sale, may return the kitten for a full refund of the purchase price if accompanied by a signed statement from a licensed veterinarian. Seller will not assume liability for the cost of veterinary examinations, diagnostic work or treatment. This kitten must be examined if buyer suspects an illness by your vet within 3 days after date of sale, Or no refunds will be given. All sales are final after 3 days, with the exception of the following:

If this cat or kitten should show evidence of a life threatening Genetic disorder up to the age of two years, the kitten/cat will be replaced. This kitten comes with a two year against HCM and PKD (a certain heart and kidney disease)
You will still be able to keep your currant kitten and still obtain another cat. Cat/kitten will be replaced only with a signed statement from a licensed veterinarian stating the problem and prognosis, or in the case of death, with an autopsy report from a licensed veterinarian. Vet statement must point to a genetic defect only, other then unknown cause of death or unknown cause of illness. Even though we try very hard to provide healthy cats nature will sometimes happen against my will.  No kitten will be given in a case of an unknown death reason or accidental death.
Seller will replace free of charge if the cat dies within two years
due to a defect.  There are no guarantees that you will be able to get the exact same color/pattern match but I will try. I do not give refunds.  Seller is not responsible for any veterinary costs incurred.

Buyer agrees to provide this kitten/cat with adequate facilities for

exercise and will not be permitted to roam outdoors.

Buyer agrees to accept complete responsibility for this animals health and well-being and agrees that it will not be declawed without Sellers consent.

Seller is not responsible for losses or wins when buyer purchases a show quality cat. It is up to the individual judges.

Buyer agrees that this cat will not be sold, transferred, leased or given to any other person without the express written consent of the Seller. If for any reason Buyer is unable to or does not wish to keep/maintain this cat, Seller will receive first option to take him/her back into ownership accompanied by his/her appropriate registration papers for a mutually agreed upon price not to exceed the original purchase price. Under no circumstances will this animal be placed in an animal shelter, pet shop or research facility. In the instance of you not being able to keep the cat we will help you rehouse him or her and even place up pictures on our site of the cat if we cannot take it back. You must contact me first if you rehouse I would like to know who the cats new owner will be.
For breeders

Buyer and seller agree that a female breeder will not be bred more then twice a year, or more then every 6 months, that is if in good health. Buyer agrees that breeding cats will not be inbred to any close relatives. Females are not to be kept in any area smaller then 10 X 10 room. If males must be caged an area of 10 x 10 or larger is acceptable. Buyer agrees that breeder offspring  will not be sold until the breeding pair has produced at least 2 healthy litters, Pets and shows may be sold until then. Buyer agrees not to sell more then 1 breeding cat per year or two if a male and female pair is being sold, as cat population is high. Buyer will sell only the healthiest kittens as breeders.

If a breeder is proven to be sterile with a vet statement and does not produce at least one litter of kittens by the age of 3 years then the cat will be replaced. Or you may have an option to keep the cat as pet. Another breeder will be offered at half price.

Buyer agrees that Seller is not responsible for any injury or harm that this kitten/cat might inflict on any person or property.

Buyer and Seller agree that the ragdoll will receive regular vaccinations using killed virus vaccines and will not be vaccinated for FIP (Feline Infectious Peritonitis) or for Feline Leukemia.  

Buyer agrees that  If a vet statement of altering is not sent to us within 3 weeks of the cats alter age, We will be prepared to take legal action. We will contact you if we feel the need to proceed. Buyer and Seller agree that this health guarantee will be voided if any of the above terms are violated.  If altering proof is not sent to us by 3 weeks of date given in your contract then the extra cost is due for a breeding cat, plus you will still have to alter the cat because I have no way of telling if the cat was bred.
The kitten also will remain in the breeders name until altering has been done and there will be no registering papers given. Buyer and Seller agree to the above stated terms:

Signature of Seller: ____________________________ Date __________

Signature of Buyer: ___________________________ Date __________

Print Name: ___________________________________

Address: _____________________________________