Breeding plans

We keep our wait list moderatly small so that the list can hand pick what kitten they really like best out of extra kittens with no deposit on.
Email us to get on our wait list
Breeding now for a late Sept litter:
Ruffles                               Bernie
RufflesGold56    BernieGold
colors will be
 seal mitted, seal point, possible flames, seal tortie, and blues, some will be lynx.
Breeding in the next two weeks for an October litter
Patchouli breeding to either Bobby or Bentley, all depends on who she prefers.
Kitten colors will be, seal and blue in mitted and bicolor some will be the deeper mink colors.
Breeding in August for an October litter, this will be Gingers last litter.
Ginger                                            Magic
Ginger09  Magicgold
Colors expected. Seal, blue, flame, seal and blue tortie, minks in these colors are also due. All will be mitted maybe point.
Breeding in October/Nov for a January litter.
Love potion                              Bernie
Lovepotion33  BernieGold
Colors expected, Blue, flame, blue tortie, some will be minks. Patterns will be point and mitted.
Breeding when retrurns back in heat.
Moonflower                        Bernie
  Moon09 Bernie
Colors expected are Blue, flame, blue tortie, lynx in blue and flame and tortie. Some minks as well in blue, tortie and flames. Points and mitteds